Our History


Denarii began as a dream in a riggers heart and the little truckers daughter who stands by his side. And after a lot of sweat and determination, she became a reality in July of 2003. Starting with just a wee 1964 Cooper single, Denarii made its way into the world of well servicing and has been growing and changing ever since. She's our baby, and we are damn proud of her!

In 2012 Ascent Oilfield Services Corp. was formed as a collective effort between a group of entrepreneurs looking to expand their horizons and take small one owner companies to the next level. Denarii was restructured as a subsidiary company, and an additional manufacturing company was formed enabling us to begin building and repairing our own rig equipment reducing our repair and maintenance costs significantly.

In January 2015, an opportunity presented for Denarii to take our services to the Permian Basin. Denarii Well Services LLC was formed and began operating out of Midland, Texas, USA.

In the past 14 years of business, we have gone from a one rig company operating out of our home to an eight rig company operating in two countries. We are very blessed and appreciate each and every family member, friend, colleague, and employee who has helped make Denarii the success that it is!

your dreams are only as big  - as the distance you are willing to leap

The journey has been amazing, and we can hardly wait to see what our future holds...

Mike & Lyndsay

 The Next Chapter Begins

Change Is The Law Of Life 

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